May 12

Top Tools And Equipment For Small Farms

New farmers often make the mistake of purchasing unnecessary equipment because they don’t yet have the experience to predict which tools, vehicles, and machines will be the best investments. Although the needs of a farm have a lot to do with its location, size, products, and farming methods, most farmers agree that there are a few essential pieces of equipment that no farmer should be without.

First of all, every farmer needs a good pick-up truck. A truck is essential for hauling loads and for carrying livestock. Experienced farmers advise getting a cover, or topper, for the bed in order to carry animals safely and keep things like feed, fertilizer, and tools dry in the rain. Along with a pick-up, most farmers invest in a trailer as well. With a truck and a trailer, a farmer can haul pretty much anything.

Another necessity is some kind of tractor or utility vehicle. With the right attachments, a tractor can cut grass, dig a foundation, bale hay, clear snow, and spread manure. The ideal size of the vehicle depends on the number of acres on the farm as well as the driving conditions. For a small farm with relatively flat, dry land, a small utility vehicle should be sufficient. But for larger farms (more than 150 acres, for instance), hilly terrain, and a wet climate with a lot of mud, a four-wheel drive tractor is the best choice.

Not all tasks require motorized vehicles, and most farmers say that a good handcart is an indispensable tool. Similar to a wheelbarrow, a handcart has two wheels instead of one, making it a little more stable and easier on the back. They are great for hauling things from the barn to the field, moving bales of hay, and cleaning up manure in the barn.

Keeping crops alive and healthy often requires some chemical assistance in the form of pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, and to cover crops easily and efficiently, farmers need a Roller Vane Pump. Also known as an Allman Pump, the tool can be attached to a tractor or to a stand-alone motor. For more information about this tool, visit